1. Autodesk announces platform enhancements for AR and VR
11/15/2016 1:06:54 PM
Autodesk announces platform enhancements for AR and VR
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Autodesk announces platform enhancements for AR and VR

Richard Harris Richard Harris in VR Tuesday, November 15, 2016

At Autodesk University, Autodesk, Inc. has introduced new AR/VR capabilities to drive immersive real-time industry experiences and shared its plans to use Forge as its common data environment and engine for simplifying its own product offerings.

Autodesk has aggressively broadened the Forge platform and ecosystem in the past twelve months. The most recent platform enhancements and future plans include:

- AR/VR - Added Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality support into the Forge 3D browser and mobile viewing experience. Data preparation and connectivity services (similar to what LIVE Design does with Revit data) to connect data and ease the asset pipeline between real-time AR/VR applications and Autodesk’s native design solutions will be available in the future.
Rendering – The Autodesk Rendering service recently surpassed 50 million renderings. A new Forge Render API will soon be available, which will extend rendering power to any application.

- Data Management – Enhanced to support access projects and files managed in support for BIM 360 Docs and Fusion.
Security and Reliability – Autodesk is pursuing industry standard security compliance such as SOC2 to maintain robust security and data protection controls, so customers can focus on creating services with high confidence.

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