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5/20/2014 10:14:48 AM
Aternity Provides Insights Into Managing Mobile App Performance
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Aternity Provides Insights Into Managing Mobile App Performance

Industry Spotlight

Aternity Provides Insights Into Managing Mobile App Performance

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

Managing for mobile application performance management (mAPM) is a cornerstone of a successful mobile strategy. Companies that successfully implement mAPM will experience faster applications while dramatically reducing business disruptions and increasing user productivity.

Aternity’s mAPM products allow companies access to a user-centric vantage point which closes the “Visibility Gap” existing with network- and server-centric application performance management tools. With advanced, real-time analytics and the ability to monitor any application, Aternity transforms physical, virtual and mobile devices into self-monitoring platforms that are user experience aware. 

To better understand how to successfully implement a successful mAPM program, Aternity has released three reports that discuss different use cases and provide insights into how to approach the application performance management process. 

This report details how companies will need to move beyond (mAPM) products that primarily provide mobile app developers with standard capabilities such as crash analytics, app error reporting, service performance metrics, and data consumption tracking. While these tools are valuable to provide measurements to help make informed decisions, companies will need to move to a more holistic approach which utilizes these tools to create a systemic ecosystem for measuring, managing, and improving workforce productivity.  

In the report seven capabilities are outlined which are required to address the complexity of delivering excellent enterprise mobile experiences. Topics covered include how to gain deeper insight into the enterprise user; the value of business activity monitoring based on user interactions with apps; and how to create a single, consistent approach for IT Ops and line of business to ensure workforce productivity for any app or device, mobile and beyond.

The report also discusses how Aternity’s Mobile APM for Enterprise Apps provides an expanded range of mAPM use cases to help measure, manage, and improve workforce productivity. It's not only for developers of mobile enterprise apps, but also for IT Ops who support apps, and the line of business who rely on mobile to drive business.

Download the report here.

The Aternity Mobile Wrapper enables IT Ops, app store and MDM administrators to review mobile apps for diagnostics and user interactions without access to the app’s code and with no loss of monitoring functionality. The wrapper can be included with a corporate app store or security solution, or can be added by the enterprise IT Ops or app store administrators. There is no need for developers to be pulled off another project to provide monitoring tasks.

The report outlines how Mobile Wrapper can facilitate:

- Reporting app errors and exceptions to identify problems in the code

- Troubleshooting app crashes by providing stack traces to determine the cause

- Analyzing traffic and data volumes to streamline data consumption

- Identifying problems with network and server latency and errors that impact app performance

- Optimizing the app’s performance for variations in network connectivity and coverage

Download the report here.

Enterprise mobility management solutions play a key role in ensuring that mobile apps are well-architected, intuitive to use, compatible with multiple operating systems, secure, and much more. But this is only the beginning of ensuring excellent mobile user experience. The process continues with app usage and performance in the field. That’s where Aternity Workforce APM comes in.

The report discusses how the Aternity Workforce APM facilitates MDM and MAM solutions to help improve mobile customer satisfaction and workforce productivity. The platform provides the ability to close the visibility gap between a workforce’s real user experience and what application-centric application performance management tools are revealing about application components, transactions, and the underlying code that supports them.

Download the report here.

Read more: http://www.aternity.com/resources/overview/

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