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3/6/2019 7:58:25 AM
Assessing software developers in real time for job placement
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Assessing software developers in real time for job placement

Developer Jobs

Assessing software developers in real time for job placement

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Brittany Hainzinger Brittany Hainzinger

Recruiters and hiring managers now have real-time, data-driven insights within the HackerRank system, to improve the candidate experience and technical skills assessments for every role.

HackerRank, a platform that helps companies evaluate technical talent based on skills, launched a new machine learning-based solution called "Test Health Dashboard", that aims to give businesses the data they need to improve their skills assessments, deliver an excellent candidate experience, and effectively hire the software developers they need.

Enterprises will be able to see how each of their skills assessments are performing for different roles, from a senior engineer to a DevOps intern, and everything in between. Recruiters and hiring managers can gain insight into each stage of the recruiting process to improve candidate conversion and increase the quality of hires for every role. Using the Test Health Dashboard, recruiters and hiring managers can track, analyze and adjust how they’re delivering on candidate experience, including the effectiveness of their skills tests and their correspondence throughout the hiring process.

Technical hiring is a top priority for enterprises everywhere as businesses across all industries transform into tech companies. Providing a positive candidate experience during the recruiting process has become table stakes in today’s highly competitive job market. While recruiters and hiring managers are increasingly data-driven, they still rely on metrics that are not granular enough to measure the impact of their recruiting efforts.

HackerRank Launches Test Health Dashboard

“Most companies are flying blind when it comes to technical recruiting. We launched our Tech Talent Matrix this past September to give customers their first-ever insight into the effectiveness of their technical recruiting efforts,” said Gaurav Verma, Vice President of Customer Success at HackerRank. “Today, we’re going one step further in our commitment to helping businesses make smarter decisions around technical hiring. The Test Health Dashboard gives recruiters and hiring managers real-time analytics around each role, equipping them with the data to better attract, evaluate, and hire the talent they need.” 

The Dashboard allows recruiters and hiring managers to view their Candidate Response Score and Assessment Quality Score at the test-level:

  1. Candidate Response Score: The Candidate Response Score helps recruiters measure their ability to attract and reach relevant candidates. Recruiters and hiring managers now have data-driven answers to questions like: Are candidates responding to my test invitations? Do candidates open and attempt these tests? Do I get better results if I personalize my invitation?
  2.  Assessment Quality Score: Getting candidates excited to participate is an important first step, but designing technical assessments that effectively evaluate candidate skills is just as critical. The Assessment Quality Score measures test duration and completion, as well as candidate feedback on its relevance to the role. Recruiters and hiring managers no longer have to wonder if a test accurately measures a candidate’s skill based on the role for which they are applying.

“Roughly one assessment is taken every eight seconds on the HackerRank platform, powering our database of over 150 million assessment and candidate data points. This database has given us deep insight into the recruiting process. We also have a wealth of knowledge on developer skills and career priorities from our community of over five million global developers,” said Sofus Macskássy, Vice President of Data Science at HackerRank. “With the Test Health Dashboard, we are using machine learning to activate this unparalleled dataset, giving recruiters and hiring managers the intelligence required to make smart hires.”

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