7/5/2013 12:42:00 PM
AppZapp Introduces App Discovery Tool for iOS
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AppZapp Introduces App Discovery Tool for iOS

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Marketing & Promotion Friday, July 5, 2013

AppZapp has announced a new free service that allows app developers to keep their users informed in real time using push notifications and email. 

The service allows developers to create free follow buttons to embed into their websites and mobile banners. When someone clicks the follow button, the developer status (app price changes, updates, etc) are sent to the users by way of the AppZapp notification system.

The AppZapp app is a useful app discovery tool for iOS that lets users be notified when apps go on sale by alerting them using push notification (preferences set in the app are called update alarms). The app also alerts when installed apps are updated by a developer. 

One of the more profound features of the app for users is the ability to switch to "Live Stream" and see what other people using the app are doing at that very moment. It' a very compelling app and a great place for developers to become active by watching the community interact with their apps.

Every user who's following a developer on AppZapp will be informed by email or push (AppZapp App necessary for push) when the developer: 
  • Releases a new App 
  • Makes a price drop on an App 
  • Releases an update for an App
To create a follow button the process is simple and doesn't require a website signup. Just head over to their follow button generator and within a few seconds you'll have a banner you can start sharing. For more information visit http://www.appzapp.net.

Read more: http://www.appzapp.net/en/developer-services/