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5/22/2016 1:01:34 PM
Appvance Releases Software Quality Assurance Test Automation Solution
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Appvance Releases Software Quality Assurance Test Automation Solution

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Appvance Releases Software Quality Assurance Test Automation Solution

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Appvance has introduced Appvance UTP an DevOps friendly software quality assurance (SQA) automation solution for enterprise software and application testing.

The UTP platform unifies all quality assurance (QA) automation with the Appvance write-once methodology to advance continuous integration and delivery of applications. It streamlines QA and expand collaboration and communications between development, operations and QA teams.

Features of Appvance UTP include:

- Appvance Designer: A new code-free recording environment for creating and automating complex data-driven use cases by creating easy-to-edit, ultra-low-brittleness scripts automatically.

- Comprehensive unification of test automation: Unit, functional, performance, load, app-penetration, compatibility, database, DDoS, mobile and more in one solution.

- Works with legacy scripts and tools: Imports and runs existing scripts such as Selenium, Visual Basic, HTTP Archive (HAR), Perl, Groovy, Selenium RC, .NET, C#, PHP, Jruby, SoapUI, JMeter, Sahi, JUnit, Jython and others.

- Beginning-to-End testing: Tests the complete user experience as it takes into consideration all the nuances and variables of the client-side code, which is where a larger percentage of code resides today.

- Automates every platform in the same test: UX driven or API driven tests, HTML5, Ajax, Thick Java Clients (Swing, AWT, SWT, Oracle Forms and Fusion), Windows thick client, mobile HTML5, mobile thick client and more.

- Multiple deployment options: Run tests locally behind a firewall (on-premise) from the Appvance Cloud, Amazon AWS, RackSpace OpenStack, Azure, Savvis, IBM SoftLayer or any combination. 

- Multiple workflows: Create automated tests inside or outside the Appvance platform in almost any DSL. Launch tests automatically from popular continuous integration tools or command line or REST calls or in the Appvance UI. Allows everyone, including Dev testers to QA, Ops or analysts, to work together on the same platform.

The Appvance system can be licensed annually and installed fully behind a firewall, on-premise. Virtual test users are generated from hybrid-supported nodes, meaning they can exist fully behind a firewall, or in the cloud, or both together. This is a good choice for enterprises who primarily test applications behind their firewall and have not yet moved their infrastructure to the cloud. License cost depends on feature set, tests supported, test seats and max concurrent virtual test users generated.

Appvance UTP is also offered as a SaaS subscription that takes advantage of the Appvance fully supported cloud - Access Appvance 24×7. There is nothing to install or maintain. This is a good choice for enterprises who mainly test publicly accessible applications. Monthly subscription pricing starts at US$1,200 (includes access and support) and is based on actual ongoing usage. Discounts are available for annual subscriptions.

Appvance UTP will begin shipping in Q3 2016. 

Read more: http://www.appvance.com/

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