1. There Is Still Time to Get Travel Deals for APPNATION VI @ CES and CES 2015 in Las Vegas January 5 9
12/18/2014 2:12:43 PM
There Is Still Time to Get Travel Deals for APPNATION VI @ CES and CES 2015 in Las Vegas January 5 9
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There Is Still Time to Get Travel Deals for APPNATION VI @ CES and CES 2015 in Las Vegas January 5 9


There Is Still Time to Get Travel Deals for APPNATION VI @ CES and CES 2015 in Las Vegas January 5 9

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

I just received an email from one of the airlines I travel with letting me know that they are having a huge sale the first week of January. It makes sense - everyone is blowing out New Years Eve week with parties, vacations and bowl games; carrying the good times through the New Year’s weekend, and spending the next week recovering.

Lucky for me, procrastinating can sometimes be a good thing. I haven’t booked my travel for APPNATION VI @ CES and the CES main event itself, so the email presented a reminder to get off my behind and take care of my travel plans! I booked my low priced flight and with some trepidation, I went to book my hotel room. 

I thought to myself as I went to my favorite hotel booking app, “I‘m going to get crushed on the hotel.” CES is the biggest tech event of the year - as well as one of Vegas’ biggest events - and I figured that any room left would be sky high. Nope, I was pleasantly surprised to find one of my favorite Vegas hotels on the strip at $170 – score!

My point to all of this is that it’s not too late to get in on the tech (and Vegas) action at APPNATION and CES. In fact, with a quick check I found round trip deals as low as $100 each way from the Bay Area and LAX. Doing a spot check of New York flights, I even found a sub $500 round trip! 

So my advice to you is, if you have never been to CES, you owe it to yourself to do so. Every tech company who is anybody is there and they do not hold anything back. It’s literally Mardi Gras with a high tech twist.

Of course, my main purpose in going will be to cover the APPNATION VI @ CES conference which will be held on January 5 – 6. This is the first year APPNATION VI @ CES is an official partner event of CES 2015 and through the partnership, APPNATIONhas grown exponentially. The list of speakers is bigger, the sessions are more encompassing - virtually everything about this year’s event bigger and better than previous years. 

IoT and wearables are going to be huge at CES 2015 and at APPNATION VI @ CES. You’ll get to do a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of these exploding markets at APPNATION and then hop over to CES and see who is making the biggest splash in the genre. Of course, there will be plenty of content covering the latest in monetization, coding, beacons, and more.

APPNATION VI @ CES has created a special package for our subscribers and website visitors providing the opportunity to receive a complimentary Full Conference, All-Access Pass to APPNATION VI @ CES and, as a registered APPNATION attendee, you are also automatically registered for a complimentary CES Exhibit Plus Pass, which grants you access to exhibits, keynotes, supersessions and free conference sessions at CES.  One ticket = APPNATION + CES Access! Register using code AN6DI100 at www.appnationconference.com.

So what are you waiting for? Register for APPNATION VI @ CES, go get your flight and hotel, and I’ll see you in Las Vegas!

Read more: http://www.appnationconference.com

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