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1/31/2023 9:01:26 AM
App development to improve with insights from behavioral data
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App development to improve with insights from behavioral data


App development to improve with insights from behavioral data

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Yali Sassoon from Snowplow predicts that organizations will seek to build better apps with granular insights from behavioral data in 2023, plus that the data product manager/management roles skill set will continue to gain traction in the coming year.

One of the most exciting developments in 2022 was the introduction of Data Creation as an approach. This is the process of intentionally creating data to power AI and advanced data applications, as opposed to data exhaust, which is the byproduct of data emitted from existing systems.

Organizations will seek to build better apps with granular insights from behavioral data

In 2023 within the realm of mobile apps, we will see organizations seeking to build better apps with granular insights from behavioral data. This will enable discoveries such as where users are stuck or the most engaged, in turn optimizing customers’ mobile experience and increasing retention. This is especially necessary during the current challenging economic period, where organizations need more than ever for mobile apps to stand out with higher-quality behavioral data so that customer experience can be as personalized and memorable as possible.

In addition, Data Contracts have been a much-discussed topic in the data community in 2022. In the context of the Modern Data Stack, this sensible idea has been controversial primarily because practitioners are stuck in the 'data is oil' paradigm, in which they assume that data is extracted and not intentionally created.

We expect the ‘data product manager’ role and ‘data product management’ skill set to continue to gain traction in 2023. They are instrumental for organizations to successfully treat data as a product, design and implement the right data contracts (as part of data products) and enable them to build out a ‘data mesh."

Yali Sassoon

Yali Sassoon is one of the UK’s leading pioneers in behavioral data and data creation. He co-founded Snowplow with Alex Dean in 2012 with the goal of helping organizations create granular behavioral data in their own cloud platform - freeing data analysts and scientists from the constraints of analytics vendors. Today, Yali and the team at Snowplow are enabling companies like Gousto, Strava, and Autotrader to create the richest possible data sets and use them to power advanced analytics and AI use cases. Prior to co-founding Snowplow, Yali worked as a partner at Keplar LLP, a senior marketing manager and analyst at OpenX, and a consultant at PwC.

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