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App Developers Monetize with “Moments”
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App Developers Monetize with “Moments”

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Monetize Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fitness App Developers Using Kiip’s Rewards Network Generate $37.5 eCPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) and $0.54 CPE (Cost Per Engagement) on Average

Developers exploring alternative revenue solutions beyond banner ads are successfully monetizing by identifying “moments” of achievement within their apps.

Kiip helps developers take this moments-based approach to deliver extremely high engagement. Unlike mobile display networks, Kiip delivers revenue per engagement (claiming a reward in-app) and rewards your users, increasing retention. A Powerade reward earned after completing a workout in a fitness app is an example of a “moment.”

Since Kiip’s fitness channel launched, it has generated a $37.5 eCPM and $0.54 CPE across all apps – exciting for developers exploring alternative revenue solutions.

It is a model in which everyone wins. The users earn rewards for using their favorite apps. Developers engage and monetize users in a delightful way. Brands reach users during the most relevant moments.

These engagement rates show how fitness app developers have been making money without sacrificing their design canvas – by rewarding “moments” like completing a workout with a Powerade. Furthermore, apps of all audience sizes are succeeding by leveraging “moments.”

Kiip is now in more than 1,500 apps and has doled out more than 200 million rewards. Kiip continues to see explosive growth in their gaming category with their real reward, virtual reward and tournament products, as well as continued success following its expansion into new app verticals including Fitness, Productivity, Sports, Food/Cooking and other Lifestyle apps.

Read more: http://www.kiip.me

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