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8/10/2013 2:53:00 PM
App Developer News Weekly Roundup for The Week of August 9th, 2013
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App Developer News Weekly Roundup for The Week of August 9th, 2013

Mobile Tech

App Developer News Weekly Roundup for The Week of August 9th, 2013

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Richard Harris Richard Harris

From the Editors Desk

Hello everyone! It's been a great week in mobile and we've got lots to share with you! The August issue is here officially so be sure and check it out if you haven't already. We have been getting alot of great feedback from the developer community and it's much appreciated! 

Top Stories for the week of 8/10/2013

News ImageEasier to Do: Find Bigfoot or Develop the Next Million Dollar App?
I was talking with our Publisher about a developer he knows that is a genuine, dyed in the wool Bigfoot hunter. If there is a sighting within 500 miles, he's off to check it out. Of course he's never seen Bigfoot, but he's been close (he thinks) plenty of times! It's exciting as a developer to think of the prospect of making a piece of software that can be distributed over millions of devices and turn you into a millionaire. But for every successful app that has generated a million dollars, there are at least thousands underneath it that have never gotten close (still better odds than finding Bigfoot though). Let me prefix this by saying I've never created a million dollar app though I have had some very successful apps. But in the 200 publ... full story

This Weeks App Showcase

Article Image

Movie Clock

By Mediaspree LLC
Version: 6.1.1     Free

Movie Clock for iPhone and iPad delivers the social movie going experience users have been waiting for. Originally developed as a tool to countdown to movies coming soon to theaters, Movie Clock has evolved into a platform for social interaction surrounding movies. 
'Movie Clock' has ranked as high as #2 in the iTunes app store top charts. It was written in Objective-C over 2 years, but development is on-going. 
It’s monetized through in app purchases; in app ticket purchases, and in app DVD/bluray purchases. 
It’s marketed through twitter, facebook, flickdirect.com, and various movie premieres and events. The biggest challenge was realizing what use... full story

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