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2/15/2017 9:02:13 AM
Anchore Navigator adds more registries to find containers in
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Anchore Navigator adds more registries to find containers in


Anchore Navigator adds more registries to find containers in

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Anchore, Inc. has a free Navigator service that can help their users find container images fast.

With nearly 500,000 images on DockerHub and thousands more hosted by cloud providers such as Amazon and Google, finding the right container image and keeping track of updates is becoming increasingly complicated. And that's not even mentioning the growing number of private registries hosted by independent software vendors.

That's why Anchore, Inc. thinks that their free Navigator service can help their users find container images fast. Navigator has a simple and powerful user interface that allows application developers and data center operations teams to search for and inspect container images across multiple registries. 

Anchore has also announced that the newest updates to their service are now available, but additional public and third party private registries will be added in the first quarter of 2017. By using Navigator, users can perform deep inspections of container images, including package manifest, software libraries, configuration files and security policies.

With Navigator users can quickly search for images that meet their requirements including detailed content, security and compliance status. In addition to current content, detailed analysis of historic images is maintained including the frequency of updates made to images, ensuring they are well maintained and allow for a user to subscribe to notifications when an image has been updated.

With Anchore's Navigator software vendors and service providers can enable their customers to verify the compliance of container images without needing to download and analyze the images themselves. This validation by an independent third party, using open source tools with a published certification policy allows enterprises to deploy third party containers with confidence

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