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Progress Telerik UI goes open source

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2/9/2017 1:10:34 PM
Progress Telerik UI goes open source
Posted Thursday, February 09, 2017 by Michael Haynes, Associate Editor

Progress Telerik UI goes open source
Progress has announced that it has open sourced Progress Telerik UI for Universal Windows Platform (UWP), a set of native UI controls for building Windows apps, and is in the process of donating to the .NET Foundation in an effort to help foster the open development of the .NET ecosystem. Progress Telerik UI for UWP is popular within the 2.1 million strong Progress developer community, and has been open sourced as a means to ensure continued collaborative innovation and advancement amongst the .NET development community.

Progress Telerik UI for UWP can reduce coding and time to market, enabling developers to remove the repetitive, tactical elements of development to focus on solving business challenges. By making Progress Telerik UI for UWP open source and part of the .NET Foundation, .NET developers can not only expand upon the capabilities already available in Telerik UI for UWP, but can also access and contribute to more than 20 UI controls to create Windows apps that share a single codebase and run on a multitude of Microsoft devices. These include some of the more popular business and enterprise-critical controls such as Grids, Charts, DataForm and ListView.

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