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Alexa will soon be featured on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8
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Alexa will soon be featured on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Artificial Intelligence Friday, September 28, 2018

Amazon Alexa will be featured on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 to provide their tablet users with a new hands-free experience.

The new Fire HD 8 has been announced by Amazon and comes equipped with always-ready, hands-free access to Alexa. With hands-free mode, Alexa is always ready to respond - Alexa can start a video call with family, play music, launch games, read Audible books, and more. The Fire HD 8 also includes an HD 720p front-facing camera and up to 10 hours of mixed use battery life.

With always-ready, hands-free access to Alexa, there's no need to press a button. You can simply ask Alexa to get instant access to movies, shop, see the weather, call your friends and family, and more, even when your screen is on standby. Plus, developers can now also use the Alexa Skills Kit to add capabilities or skills to Alexa. Skills enable customers to play music, get the latest news, sports scores, and more.

Get your app ready

With more customers interacting with voice technology, the Fire HD 8 offers a convenient way for developers to engage with their users. This new Fire tablet adds another way to reach potential customers through the new voice-enabled functionality. So make sure that you integrate the new technology, and whenever you publish your app on the Amazon Appstore and target Fire tablets, your apps and games will be available on the new Fire HD 8.

In the new Fire OS software update, the all-new Fire HD 8 will allow users to use Show Mode, a new hands-free Alexa experience that provides visual and audio responses to voice commands. Show Mode amplifies the voice experience, enhancing Alexa voice responses with full-screen visuals. It is also compatible with the all-new Show Mode Charging Dock, which automatically switches your tablet to Show Mode. Enjoy movies, TV shows, books, apps, and games while your tablet is docked - or pick it up to take your entertainment on the go.

Read more: https://developer.amazon.com/docs/fire-tablets/fir...

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