1. A Deep Dive Into the Sell My App Marketplace for Developers
7/14/2016 10:50:30 AM
A Deep Dive Into the Sell My App Marketplace for Developers
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A Deep Dive Into the Sell My App Marketplace for Developers


A Deep Dive Into the Sell My App Marketplace for Developers

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Richard Harris Richard Harris

We recently sat down with Stav Zilbershtein to talk about the developer app marketplace SellMyApp.com to discuss what it does, and how it can help developers earn more from their code.

We recently sat down with Stav Zilbershtein to talk about the developer app marketplace SellMyApp.com to discuss what it does, and how it can help developers earn more from their code.

Stav Zilbershtein is a passionate internet entrepreneur. Coming from vast experience in Internet marketing and SEO he created Sell My App as a powerful exchange point for mobile developers and appreneurs to push the mobile economy forward. He is constantly working around the clock to improve the solutions offered for both authors and customers on the platform and is always open for feedback.

ADM: Please tell us what Sellmyapp.com does?

Zilbershtein: We offer a marketplace for buying and selling mobile Games & Apps templates. The idea is very simple actually, anyone who wishes to launch an app or a game and doesn’t know how to do so and anyone that knows the app business and wants to save time and resources can simply pay a visit to the site and choose a ready game or app that suits their needs.

The site focuses only on completed projects. Meaning there are no snippets, scripts or art assets. Our pure goal is to provide only top quality complete mobile source codes.

We also have a customization team in case you want to add new features and abilities to your game or app and we can boost your launching process and offer competitive prices as well.

ADM: Who are the people that should know about the site?

Zilbershtein: We create a WIN WIN situation for both people that want to launch an app and mobile developers that want to earn more income by selling their source codes with us.

When you sell a source code you can sell it an indefinite amount of times which means as long as you have good quality games/apps and you provide good support to your clients you will be able to make revenue with us.

Top authors make $5000- $8000 USD a month.

I would say that if you are a mobile developer and you have some good source codes you should read about how you can sell your apps with us. The royalty plans offer you a chance to earn up to 90% commission from your sales.

And if you are an entrepreneur that want to learn about apps or launch your first games the marketplace is definitely for you.

We will save you a ton of time and money on your first ventures and we have many regular clients that launch their 8th and 10th project with us since it simply works.

ADM: What is important to know before making a decision to buy source code?

Zilbershtein: There are many ideas and ways to follow. I would say choose what excites you and what you feel good about. It can be a face swap app or a popular match 3 game. As long as you are excited about it you will be eager to succeed and learn a lot in the process.

I would also recommend trying 2 – 3 different styles of games and apps just to get a feeling of what could be the best for you.

You should know that after launching your app you will still need to invest in marketing. I always recommend to all of our readers to visit our “how to create an app” guide (which is 100 pages long and full of real experience and practical advice).

ADM: What should I go for as a beginner?

Zilbershtein:  As a beginner it is recommended to take a simple reskin to a mini game such as a buildbox source code or any other simple casual game on our marketplace. It will be good to spend a low budget at first since you will learn so much from your first app that it’s better to have budget left to continue your app journey rather than spending everything at one go.

ADM: What is your advice for succeeding with apps/games nowadays?

Zilbershtein: I would suggest focussing on quality rather than quantity. You can choose for example a slots machine app or any other casino-style app but then invest your efforts in trying to promote this app for a few months before you start a new one.

Scattered efforts are only going to make you weaker. Make a plan and goals for an app. If you want to be diversified, you can also decide that during the next 9 months you will work and promote more than one app but I wouldn’t recommend for a beginner to start with more than one.

The experienced ones can go for 2- 3 apps in 9 months with a solid promotion plan and budget but more than that will just lead to failure.

Another valuable piece of advice is to invest in new features and create something better than your competitors. If you fail to do so you will stay in the low entry level of a basic reskin where everyone else can also imitate your code and make the competition tougher for you.

People that invest in a good quality project get to reap the fruits of success!

And lastly, interact with your users! You must reply to their reviews, offer support and hear their complaints. If you provide good support you will get better feedback and grow.

ADM: What are you plans for the future of Sell My App?

Zilbershtein:  We provide a mobile developer and entrepreneurial community. We plan to keep working on more tools and to act as a jumping board for both developers and entrepreneurs into their next step in the mobile journey.

Our vision is to empower and inspire the global mobile developer community to innovate, create and achieve success!

ADM: What are other costs (if any) that I should consider when I’m about to launch my app?

Zilbershtein: It’s important to take into account that you will need a marketing plan and a budget. We have created a great resource about how to market your app so it covers pretty much most of the things you need to keep in mind.

But most of the marketing budget goes for purchasing players (you can do that using ad networks such as Chartboost/Admob and many others).

The second part to keep in mind is updates. Every app needs an update. And most authors indicate at least one big update every 6 months. Keep that in mind as well as you go on your app journey.

I hope you have enjoyed the interview and taken some insights and inspiration from it. I invite you to visit the marketplace and take part in our thriving community as a mobile developer or as an entrepreneur that wants to launch an app.

Either way we welcome you!

Read more: https://www.sellmyapp.com/downloads/

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