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1/14/2023 7:08:50 AM
The halo will fall from DevOps in 2023
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The halo will fall from DevOps in 2023


The halo will fall from DevOps in 2023

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Wing To from Digital.ai explains why the halo will fall from DevOps in 2023, how the pressure will increase to demonstrate the contribution to sustainability, why AI will be a competitive advantage for DevOps, why you should watch out for fake agile, and what to focus on with agile in 2023.

Wing To shares his 2023 DevOps predictions, including the rise of Green DevOps and sustainability, how AI will improve automation and be a competitive advantage for DevOps, how fake agile will deliver poor results, and explains what leaders should focus on for agile in 2023.

The halo will fall from DevOps in 2023

For the past few years, the adoption of DevOps has been a key priority for many organizations seeking to deliver value to their users faster. Organizations have heavily invested in transforming to DevOps and empowered their teams to select their DevOps tools of choice. With the changing economic climate, teams are being challenged to show the benefit and value of the transformations and justify the plethora of tools being used. There will continue to be a variety of tools used in organizations, but there will be a push for rationalization and platforms that can effectively combine tools. In 2023, the need to translate the metrics to show the value of those tools will be paramount.


Green DevOps for sustainability in 2023

Engineering and IT will come under increasing pressure to demonstrate their contribution to sustainability as organizations establish sustainability goals, especially with data centers generating lots of carbon emissions. DevOps guided by ML will play a key part in any sustainability initiative as DevOps gains visibility in the usage of resources across the software development lifecycle.

Development Automation

AI Will Become a DevOps Competitive Advantage in 2023

The future of enterprise DevOps is being able to turn data into actionable, predictive insights so enterprises can learn from past historical trends to make higher-quality software at greater speed and AI/ML has finally reached a tipping point to enable this. A machine learning model can now capture thousands of monthly change events, including who the team is, what infrastructure changed, what testing was done during development, who the developer or team was, defects that were found during testing, and other factors. In 2023, this information will increasingly be correlated to the success and failure of past changes so teams can learn from these past issues and plan to avoid them.

Agile Development

"Fake" Agile: Beware of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Agile in 2023 can’t just be a state of mind, organizations will be under increased pressure to ensure better business outcomes given economic instability. Most teams don’t intentionally "fake" agile, like the sorcerer’s apprentice, they may know the incantations and ceremonies but don’t fully understand what or why they are doing, so unexpected results can follow. In the coming year, we’ll see more business leaders rely on teams that speak more to the language of agile (e.g. scrum teams, product owners) and its processes (e.g. sprints, Kanban Boards) rather than improving customer value and experience through early feedback and adapting iteratively.

Wing To

Wing To is the Vice President of Engineering for Value Stream Delivery Platform & DevOps at Digital.ai, in London, England, United Kingdom.

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