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7/9/2018 1:30:46 PM
The AWS DeepLens has machine learning built in and you can now buy one
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The AWS DeepLens has machine learning built in and you can now buy one

Artificial Intelligence

The AWS DeepLens has machine learning built in and you can now buy one

Monday, July 9, 2018

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Deep learning software can now be run on this all-in-one camera named the AWS DeepLens, which provides users with capabilities unlike any other camera.

The Amazon DeepLens was first unveiled at re:Invent 2017,  remember it's the camera device enables developers to deploy models that can identify objects it sees using popular deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow and Caffe. Amazon has just revealed that developers can now purchase the DeepLens for themselves, and that the AWS DeepLens now has new features rolling out that enhance the device’s capabilities overall.

AWS DeepLens specs include:

  • Hardware: 4 megapixel camera (1080P video), 2D microphone array, Intel Atom Processor, dual-band Wi-Fi, USB and micro HDMI ports, 8 GB of memory for models and code.
  • Software: Ubuntu 16.04, AWS Greengrass Core, device-optimized versions of MXNet and Intel clDNN library, support for other deep learning frameworks.

"The response to this AWS re:Invent was immediate and gratifying! Educators, students, and developers signed up for hands-on sessions and started to build and train models right away. Their enthusiasm continued throughout the preview period and into this year’s AWS Summit season, where we did our best to provide all interested parties with access to devices, tools, and training." commented Jeff Barr in the blog post.

Addtional features include:

  • Expanded Framework Support: DeepLens supports the TensorFlow and Caffe frameworks.
  • Expanded MXNet Layer Support: DeepLens supports the Deconvolution, L2Normalization, and LRN layers provided by MXNet.
  • Kinesis Video Streams: The video stream from the DeepLens camera can now be used in conjunction with Amazon Kinesis Video Streams. You can stream the raw camera feed to the cloud and then use Amazon Rekognition Video to extract objects, faces, and content from the video.
  • New Sample Project: DeepLens now includes a sample project for head pose detection (powered by TensorFlow).

Read more: https://www.amazon.com/AWS-DeepLens-learning-enabl...

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