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2/4/2022 11:00:11 AM
Software company LeanIX celebrates 10th anniversary
Software,Company,LeanIX,Celebrates,10th Anniversary
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Software company LeanIX celebrates 10th anniversary


Software company LeanIX celebrates 10th anniversary

Friday, February 4, 2022

Richard Harris Richard Harris

The software company LeanIX is celebrating its 10th anniversary of being in business. In 2021 they completed a major acquisition, signed the largest deal in LeanIX's history, received recognition for Enterprise Architecture Management tools, and urge companies to change the way they change.

LeanIX celebrates 10 years in business this month. An international success story, LeanIX has quickly earned the trust of 650 customers, including more than 10 percent of the Global 500, and serves 150,000 users worldwide. This 10th anniversary follows a year that saw LeanIX continue to grow at 60%, successfully complete a major acquisition (Cleanshelf), sign the largest deal in the company’s history, and receive recognition as a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Management tools.

Software company LeanIX celebrates 10 years in business

Looking ahead to the next 10 years, LeanIX’s co-founder and CEO, André Christ, laid out his vision for the future of the company and the high-tech industry. "LeanIX has long been committed to creating software that solves massive problems for people across the enterprise. The massive problem we will continue to focus on is mastering software complexity to support and accelerate continuous transformation."

"Companies have three operational goals. They want to deliver better products and experiences to their customers. They want to become more agile so they can do more things faster. And they want to reduce costs. Unfortunately, something big gets in the way of all this: software and IT complexity," Christ explains.

The scope of this complexity and the speed with which it increases each day can’t be overstated. There are already more than 24,000 public web APIs now available. IT teams struggle to secure API endpoints as well as drive efficiency through reuse. Industry analysts all agree that SaaS spending in the enterprise will continue to grow substantially in the next several years, accounting for more than half of all public cloud spending. Finally, we see the rise of the citizen developer with 65% of development expected to be based on no-code/low code tools by 2024. While getting less technical users involved in development does improve agility, it also places pressure on IT to provide reliable core services and maintain adequate governance over the development process.

"Companies must address complexity if they want to transform the way they do business. Without a data-driven approach to the management of IT and Software landscapes, companies can never become more efficient, achieve the agility they seek or create new, innovative customer experiences. To master this, companies must change the way they change," says Christ.

For companies to survive and thrive into the future, they must adopt a culture capable of navigating all types of change, both planned and unexpected. Leading organizations recognize that the need for change is continuous. It won’t stop. For this simple reason, companies will adopt a culture focused on continuous transformation. This is the only way to undertake cloud migration digital transformation or workforce decentralization and whatever major transformation is called for after that. It is also the only way that companies can respond quickly to new security vulnerabilities (such as the recent Log4Shell 0-day), address emergent competitive threats, or experiment with new technologies.

"We are doubling down on continuous transformation. The tools we build to support this kind of culture are by providing the data, insight, and common language needed to master complexity and bring an entire company together. Whether the focus is on rationalizing the IT landscape, preparing for a major migration to a new platform, enabling a flexible approach to SaaS management, or mapping the value stream from dev to the end customer, companies must continually transform themselves. We make that possible," says Christ.

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