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8/25/2014 2:53:04 PM
Espresso Logic Provides a New Common REST API for MongoDB and SQL Databases
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Espresso Logic Provides a New Common REST API for MongoDB and SQL Databases


Espresso Logic Provides a New Common REST API for MongoDB and SQL Databases

Monday, August 25, 2014

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Espresso Logic is launching a new common REST API for developing the backend for web and mobile apps. These REST APIs provide real-time access from MongoDB and SQL databases without the need to copy data across sources. Unlike analytical use cases, security and business logic is included and can be used for both read and write operations. 

To provide a universal API to access multiple data sources, Espresso’s new release bridges the gap between NoSQL and SQL data with a single API. That means in a single call, developers can “join” data from SQL, MongoDB and more. 

Espresso is a backend-as-a-service (BaaS) provider that uses reactive programming-based logic to speed up development for data-driven mobile and web apps. The new release allows developers to:

- “Join” data from MongoDB and SQL into a single unified RESTful API using point and click interface

- “Join” data across MongoDB collections using point and click interface

- Apply unified authentication (including LDAP, Windows Azure AD, Stormpath) and role-based endpoint access control to MongoDB and SQL resources

- Apply business rules using Espresso’s reactive programming or server-side JavaScript to SQL data based upon data inputs from MongoDB

- Provide validation and event handling services for MongoDB 

The new service is now Available with a free trial. The Developer version is priced at $50/month, with production version starting at $500/month.

Read more: http://www.espressologic.com/espresso-logic-lets-d...

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