11/23/2018 10:03:32 AM
Diffusion data streaming platform gets an update
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Diffusion data streaming platform gets an update

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Business of Apps Friday, November 23, 2018

Diffusion gets new security and data streaming capabilities from Push Technology to provide services for gaming, enterprise back-end systems, and more.

Push Technology released new functionality in their Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform to increase security authentication and authorization handling, facilitate easy transitioning from REST-based applications to streaming data applications, simplify development of multi-user and collaborative applications, and enhance data compression for large payload distribution applications. 

Often, the challenges created by unreliable and congested networks stand in the way - particularly for mobile and IoT. The Diffusion platform simplifies data management, optimizes data distribution concurrently reducing infrastructure requirements, and speeds development and time-to-market for Enterprises building business-critical, data-dependent, and often time-sensitive applications.

The Diffusion Intelligent Data Platform synchronizes, manages, and distributes data among applications, devices, and systems - via the web, mobile, and satellite networks.


New security functionality for Authentication and Authorization handling provides flexibility and control for managing security policies across client connections. Privileged clients can now change the security roles assigned to other clients, facilitating real-time changes to security policies across connections. This is particularly important and valuable for applications that require elevated security on a limited time basis in back-end Enterprise and intranet environments. This functionality can be used for any type of event-driven responsive security increase or decrease. In addition, detailed user analytics can be performed, based on client metadata, to do targeted messaging.

Message Compression

Compression of messages is now available for all streaming data. The message compression reduces bandwidth usage up to an additional 25%, on top of the existing bandwidth savings from the Diffusion platform’s proprietary delta streaming functionality, lowering cost of data and speeding delivery of application data to all subscribers. The added compression is high value when distributing large data payloads for applications that do: shared document editing, distribute rich media (images and graphical content), telemetry, mapping, geolocation tracking.

Concurrent Update API

The new Diffusion Concurrent Update API introduces reliable handling of concurrent updates for shared data. Concurrent Update API allows collaborative multi-user applications, including multiplayer games, collaboration applications, and chat and messaging applications, to safely deliver data in real-time across a shared data model, simplifying development and increasing the reliability of end-user experiences.

Fetch API

The new Diffusion Fetch API reduces application complexity for developers with on-demand access to a shared data model, facilitating complex end-user features that mix static and streaming data together, with batching and pagination capabilities. This functionality is particularly useful for transitioning REST-based applications to streaming data applications because it decouples the front-end and back-end systems and eliminates the need for a rewrite of the entire application stack.

Sean Bowen, CEO of Push Technology, comments on the corporate mission: “Our goal is to simplify and reduce Enterprise application development by providing a single, unified platform to securely manage, optimize, and integrate data for application developers. As a result, the Diffusion platform is the preferred and trusted, real-time data streaming and messaging platform across industries worldwide.”

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