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4/2/2018 12:01:35 PM
Stateful data stream processing launches to GA
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Stateful data stream processing launches to GA


Stateful data stream processing launches to GA

Monday, April 2, 2018

Christian Hargrave Christian Hargrave

New open source platform, dA, looks to streamline the process of deploying real-time data streaming applications enabled with machine learning algorithms.

data Artisans announced the general availability of dA Platform - a stream processing platform that enables enterprises to get insights from data in milliseconds and power next-generation service-centric applications and business models. The new release productionizes stream processing and enables companies to provide live data applications as a centralized enterprise service. dA Platform dramatically reduces the manpower, cost and effort required to deploy stream processing applications in production, and provides a reliable and high-impact stream processing platform across an organization.

Analysts predict the streaming analytics market will reach $15.9 billion USD by 2022 (1), as companies across industries are transitioning from a product-centric business model to one based on relationships and a services-centric model. For example, auto manufacturers are introducing new car-sharing and ride-sharing services as car ownership shifts to a usage-based model; consumer banks are creating new messaging applications for communicating with customers in real time to provide more seamless management of their personal finances; and insurance companies are offering dynamically priced insurance products tailored for customers based on their usage data. Stateful stream processing has emerged as the technological standard to enable this transformation.

dA Platform, which includes open source Apache Flink, is the first toolset purpose-built for stateful stream processing for enterprise engineering organizations, unifying different components to provide a seamless experience with deployment and operations. Flink processes data in real time and is  designed for unbounded datasets, and it has become the stream processing engine of choice for streaming data applications. Global companies such as Alibaba, Capital One, Cisco, ING, Lyft, Netflix and Uber use Flink for large-scale stateful streaming applications, including real-time analytics, fraud/anomaly/threat detection, machine learning, and search and content ranking.

“A streaming data architecture is the signature DNA of companies that have disrupted industries ranging from financial services to telecom to high technology and more, and enterprises of all types are under pressure to be able to react to data in real time so they can compete today,” said Kostas Tzoumas, co-founder and CEO of data Artisans. “dA Platform makes it easier than ever for businesses to deploy and manage streaming applications, allowing them to focus on building strategic new real-time products and services for customers rather than the supporting infrastructure.”

dA Platform, including open source Apache Flink, features the new Application Manager, which streamlines the process of deploying and maintaining real-time streaming applications with Flink in production, greatly reducing the time to market and personnel required for businesses to realize value from streaming. It integrates with an organization’s existing streaming data sources, developer workflows, service deployment architecture, and logging and metrics infrastructure to be the nexus of all streaming data processing applications within the organization. 

Read more: https://data-artisans.com

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