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4/30/2015 8:16:24 AM
A Quiz for Developers to Test Their App Analytics IQ
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A Quiz for Developers to Test Their App Analytics IQ

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A Quiz for Developers to Test Their App Analytics IQ

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Stuart Parkerson Stuart Parkerson

Website visitor consumption verses app user engagement. Completing tasks vs. searching for information. These differences and more distinguish between how users interact on the mobile web and mobile apps. And as a web or app publisher, measuring your metrics for the two is just as different.

For example, do you know which of these is the correct answer to this question – “What term matches the metric representing monthly website visitors to its mobile app counterpart?” The possible answers are listed below (hint – don’t get stuck in the mud).

- Monthly Unique Users (MUUs)

- Monthly Unique Downloads (MUDs)

- Monhtly Active Sessions (MASs)

- Monthly Active Users (MAUs)

To help you test your acumen to see if you can identify the mobile equivalents of web metrics, Localytics is hosting a quiz on their website which, in their words, will help you: “Find out if you’ve got the data analysis, dissection and demystification chops to accurately access your app – in new mobile terms, not old web ones.”

The 14 question quiz takes just minutes – no downloads needed, just click on the quiz page and your taking the quiz. If you answer correctly, you get a quick reason why your answer is correct and if you answer incorrectly, they provide you with the correct answer and the rationale behind it. 

The quiz is ideally suited for web developers that are transitioning to mobile apps. And even experienced app developers will find that they probably don’t know the answer to every question – and will take away new thoughts on approaching app analytics. 

And if you think you’ll breeze through the test – don’t be so sure. Only 17% of the people who have taken the test so far have scored 90% or higher. 

Read more: http://info.localytics.com/blog/do-you-know-how-we...

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