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Open source HarperDB database solution studio launched
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Open source HarperDB database solution studio launched

Richard Harris Richard Harris in IoT Wednesday, May 16, 2018

HarperDB announces new open source solution called HarperDB Studio at IoT World to give user's the ability access their database analytics data.

The HarperDB database solution (founded in 2017) can be used for IoT project development, app development and enterprise data warehouses. This week at IoT World, they announced the availability of HarperDB Studio - an open source solution (Github download) to bring the company's database solution to end users, DBAs, and data scientists. HarperDB Studio allows organizational roles across the company to gain access and share real-time data for advanced analytics and reporting.

Gaining actionable insights into real-time data is becoming increasingly complicated for developers and end users alike. HarperDB Studio says it provides an easy-to-use interface for both data scientists and administrative users to access actionable insights for faster, better decision-making.

“With the release of the HarperDB studio, we are providing tools that the industry expects while at the same time taking it a step further and including analytical capabilities to shorten the data value chain and provide accessible, real-time actionability on big data for IoT and HTAP use cases,” said HarperDB CEO Stephen Goldberg.

Key features include:

  • Search & Graphing Capability: Quickly turn SQL or filter searches into live graphs and charts which can be shared with business end users through web links.

  • Schema Management: Visualize the Dynamic HarperDB schema, manage schemas, tables, and attributes. Developers, DBAs, and Data Scientists can make sense out of unstructured data in real-time gaining clear insight into their data value chain.

  • Security Management: Manage users, roles, and access. Control field level security. 

  • Advanced Log Management:  Gain access to HarperDB logs for easy management and searching capability without code.


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