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Actian says to be outperforming Amazon Redshift

Actian Vector analytics database benchmark boasts an edge over over their competitors.

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3/12/2018 11:02:59 AM
Actian says to be outperforming Amazon Redshift
Posted Monday, March 12, 2018 by Richard Harris, Executive Editor

Actian says to be outperforming Amazon Redshift
Actian has announced that Actian Vector analytics database running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) outperforms Amazon Redshift "by as much as 12x" in an industry benchmark conducted by McKnight Consulting Group (MCG) Global Services. In a separate MCG benchmark report, Actian Vector performs "up to nearly 10x faster" than Microsoft SQL Server.

In February 2018, MCG conducted two comprehensive tests comparing Actian Vector to Amazon Redshift and Microsoft SQL Server based on the enterprise-representative UC Berkeley AMPLab Big Data Benchmark.

“Data-driven organizations rely on analytic databases to load, store, and analyze volumes of data at high speed to derive timely insights.  This benchmark addresses some fundamental business questions that any organization might encounter and ask,” said William McKnight, President, McKnight Consulting Group. “Actian Vector, through this industry standard set of scan, join and aggregation queries, demonstrated a significant performance advantage over Amazon Redshift and Microsoft SQL Server. These objective results were driven by the patented Actian X100 vectorized query engine which exploits the parallelism capabilities of modern server hardware.”

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