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Kony introduces a new Base Camp to app developers
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Kony introduces a new Base Camp to app developers

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Low Code No Code Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Online developer community, Base Camp, has been released by Kony to provide app developers a resource to help bridge the IT skills gap.

Kony, Inc. has announced the launch of Kony Base Camp, a curated online community designed to empower both professional and citizen developers to gain the modern IT skills needed to accelerate the development and delivery of omni-channel apps.

The pace and demands of today’s digital business environment has resulted in an increasing IT skills gap - one that hinders professional opportunities for developers. The lack of skilled digital app developers also slows overall business innovation for companies. Connecting tens of thousands of developers, including top architects and developers from Kony, Base Camp offers a central location for developers to access useful tutorials, training and certification opportunities to build the modern IT skills sought out by employers in today’s highly competitive job market. In addition, users can exchange knowledge with other developers, download prebuilt components from the Kony Marketplace, and contribute input for consideration into the Kony product roadmap.

“Kony provides the best-in-class platform for digital applications, and developers with Kony expertise and certification is in high demand. In fact, Kony is ranked among the top 5 certifications in the industry,” said Wayne McCulloch, executive vice president and chief customer officer, Kony, Inc. “Kony Base Camp provides developers with access to a comprehensive ecosystem of experts, tools and professional resources. By bringing together the power of leading-edge technologies and best practices, we are able to equip developers with competitive skills needed to fully unlock the power of today’s modern omnichannel applications.”

With Base Camp, Kony is removing a barrier for developers to gain critical digital skills, by offering a number of training courses for developers at no cost. Upon successful completion, developers are awarded credentials that are based on the Open Badge framework. People can display these verifiable skills and accomplishment across the web and share them with their network and potential employers. In addition, the Kony Base Camp community of developers and experts from around the world offer developers support throughout the app development cycle.


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