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Buying Aitheon at the North American Bitcoin Conference
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Buying Aitheon at the North American Bitcoin Conference

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Blockchain Thursday, January 18, 2018

North American Bitcoin Conference headliner Aitheon to launch their new cryptocurrency presales.

AI segment headliner at the North American Bitcoin Conference, Aitheon launches worldwide token presale on their website. The company is building a digital ecosystem to simplify many processes through AI, robotic, and human symbiosis.

The architect of this innovative ecosystem, Andrew Archer, has been described as Creator of Disruptive Technologies through Innovative Means on a recent TED show.
Aitheon is engaging users and product testers through multiple innovative platforms: integratable robot cameras (mechbots and electronic devices) and virtual robots, known as digibots that automate business processes. Their network employs remote professionals who assist AI algorithms in completing diverse business functions. Their work is anonymous; it is pooled and ranked through highly accurate consensus algorithms. Aitheon has also introduced a “community empowerment” program featuring community-driven voting blocks that allow users to guide development and the future of the company.

The Aitheon Creators Program allows innovators to design and develop new Digibots, Mechbots and devices for use with the company, while serving as an easy path to the market. And the Aitheon Pilots program allows technicians to supervise and teleoperate robots all over the world to ensure proper performance.

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy stated that “with more entrepreneurs like Andrew we could see a bottom-up renaissance of American manufacturing.”

Andrew believes in the symbiotic nature of robotics and people. Through his public school outreach programs Wreck Lab Make Lab and others, he has been able to motivate children and their parents, enabling them with hands-on experience in creating simple robotics. Andrew believes that through education, exposure, and demystifying so-called complex systems, people will be able to achieve new heights as a society.

“We believe that people create businesses to share their passions with the world. To run today’s business model, individuals are so laden with back-end business processes, that they are removed from the ability to fully participate in these talents that they set out to share. At present, back-end business management is time consuming, complicated and requires multiple systems; each to complete a different task,” said Andrew Archer, Aitheon’s founder and CEO. 

Read more: https://www.aitheon.com


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