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Edgemesh extends CDN with Google
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Edgemesh extends CDN with Google

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Android Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Web Acceleration platform, Edgemesh, has joined the Google Cloud Technology Partner program and added six new edge locations for the platform.

Edgemesh has announced that it has joined Google Cloud Technology Partner program and added six new edge locations for its web acceleration platform. Powered by the Google Cloud Platform, the new locations provide additional capacity in São Paulo, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Singapore and Sydney, and new regional capacity in Mumbai, and enable Edgemesh to operate its Supernode capacity for enterprise customers across the Google Cloud.

In addition to the new global edge capacity, Edgemesh has allocated new Google powered capacity throughout the US to help customers with anticipated Cyber Monday traffic. Throughout the holiday season, Edgemesh customers will be provided additional transparent capacity via 12 new Google Cloud data centers throughout the US.

“Google’s network is second to none, and we are very excited to have the Edgemesh network extended onto this platform. This additional capacity is available today for our customers, and that capacity will only continue to grow as the Google Cloud Platform extends to new regions”, said Jacob Loveless, CEO, Edgemesh. “We are also thrilled to join the Google Cloud Technology Partner program, and look forward to integrating more services such as Google’s Cloud Vision and Video Intelligence APIs into our upcoming Edgemesh 2.0 release. Edgemesh customers currently benefit from Google powered services such as the Safe Browsing API, and we look forward to integrating other new and exciting solutions as they come to market.”

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