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Where is app speed the fastest Surprisingly, not in the US
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Where is app speed the fastest Surprisingly, not in the US

Friday, July 28, 2017

Global mobile app and internet speed analytics released in a new report by PacketZoom.

Countries with faster mobile app speed than the US include Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Taiwan, France, Germany, Canada and several more. That’s according to the PacketZoom Q2 Mobile Observatory and Benchmark Report, which measures app speed, disconnections, and other performance variables worldwide.

In May, Akamai reported on global internet speeds, but PacketZoom says the Akamai report provided an inaccurate look at mobile app speeds because they were only able to examine network data as opposed to real user data, which is what PacketZoom’s report looks at.

Some more findings from the PacketZoom report include:

- The Netherlands (206 milliseconds), United Kingdom (231 milliseconds) and France (293 milliseconds) had the fastest app response times of all countries studied.

- The United States was in the middle of the pack for response time - at 458 milliseconds, it fell slightly below the global average of 438 milliseconds.

- An average of 7.9 percent of all mobile app sessions worldwide suffer from network disconnections. 

- Japan, where only 3.5 percent of app sessions are impacted by network disconnections, has the most reliable networks. The Netherlands (4.2 percent of app sessions impacted by disconnections), Canada (5.0 percent), Taiwan (5.0 percent), and the United States (5.6 percent) were also well above global averages.

- The least reliable countries in terms of network disconnections are Russia (13.3 percent) and Indonesia (12.1 percent).

Read more: https://www.packetzoom.com/mobile-observatory.html


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