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Mine gold in the Wild West with the release of Cowboy Miners

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Posted Thursday, March 30, 2017 by MICHAEL HAYNES, Associate Editor

Mine gold in the Wild West with the release of Cowboy Miners
In a Wild West that is full bandits, sheriffs, and dangers alike, you can’t trust anyone when it comes to your claim of the gold minin’ land! Select your favorite character and run for the gold with Doros Games’ release of Cowboy Miners.

Players must travel to the many scenes of beautiful deserts and crowded cities to collect gold - from wild deserts to crowded cities. Race with time to clear all gold in a level to go to the next one.

How to Play

1) You need to use the Left and Right button to move the cart to swing the rope. When the rope is aimed at a piece of gold, press the Down button to fire the crane to catch it.
2) After catching a chunk of gold, you need to use both Up and Down button and control crane to reel it while avoiding rocks.šThe caught gold will be dropped if it hit the rock and you will lose this one.

Game Modes:

Stage mode - allows you to play the game without internet connection. Your target is only one - clear all of the gold, reach to the highest level before your time runs out.
Friend battle mode (coming soon) - It will not require internet connection for this mode either, you and your friend only need to connect to the same wifi network and then go to the gold battle, the one who collects more gold will become the winner!


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