2/20/2017 11:05:31 AM
Appdome launches app publisher service
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Appdome launches app publisher service

Richard Harris Richard Harris in SDK Monday, February 20, 2017

Appdome for App Publishers launches and is a SaaS-based extension to the their platform for one-click publishing.

Appdome just announced the launch of its new service for app publishers. Appdome for App Publishers is a SaaS-based extension to the their platform that allows commercial app developers to make apps available for “one-click” integration using Appdome’s Fusion technology. Commercial apps will be listed in a private catalog, accessible solely by their customers. The new service lets commercial app developers save millions of dollars in direct costs related to product, development and support by avoiding third-party SDK implementation.
“We wanted to do more to support commercial app developers,” says Tom Tovar, CEO of Appdome. “Commerical app developers are under intense pressure to support the mobile strategies of their enterprise customers. Speed of execution, compliance deadlines, as well as organizational and operational mobile directives are critical. With our app publisher service, app developers can provide their apps as part of a trusted workspace, enabling enterprise customers to implement any mobile service SDK on demand in minutes.”
Enterprise customers now have a platform to integrate commercial apps of choice with third-party SDKs on-demand, including EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) and MAM (Mobile Application Management). The new service responds to the growing demand to use their proprietary mobile integration technology, AppFusion, with a greater array of enterprise apps.
The Appdome service was created with the help and collaboration of other app publishers that sell their mobile solutions to the enterprise. The core service is free of charge. A more specialized paid service is available on a subscription basis for app publishers whose apps and use cases demand more advanced validation, functionality and support.


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