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Creative interactions can drive engaged mobile app users
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Creative interactions can drive engaged mobile app users

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Monetize Monday, January 16, 2017

Editors note: Submitted by Spencer Scott, CEO of mobile rewards platform Meed

Acquisition vs. engagement: it’s the mobile app publisher’s dilemma. Being found in the upper ranks of an app store guarantees more new users, but keeping those users engaged over long periods of time can be difficult. In fact, analysts have found than more than 80 percent of all downloaded apps are used only once and then deleted by users.
It takes creative approaches to get beyond simply being discovered and actually getting found by high quality users who will stick around and stay engaged over time.
Providing engaging ways for users to interact with apps offers the best opportunity for brands to find quality, loyal users. At Meed, they are increasingly seeing app developers use approaches that focus on users that are more likely to engage with an app vs. casting broader nets. Meed's newly launched Tournaments app – Plunder League – is seeing results, as much as a 33 percent uplift in user performance in the case of one customer, app publisher Renatus.
Creating a central location for users to find apps and engage with them through tournaments over time is proven to help drive new downloads, ensure continuous engagement and win long-term players. 

“We’re seeing more publishers wanting to take their app and transfer the identical experience into a tournament ecosystem in order to find the best possible users,” said Scott. “This is helping them fit that missing piece into their user acquisition puzzle: loyalty.”

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