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How agile and DevOps practice can increase customer satisfaction
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How agile and DevOps practice can increase customer satisfaction

Richard Harris Richard Harris in DevOps Wednesday, January 11, 2017

In today’s fiercely competitive environment for customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, agile and DevOps are driving happier customers and employees.

The results from a new CA Technologies global study reveal that advanced users of agile or DevOps realized significant increases of up to 52 percent in customer satisfaction and up to 50 percent in employee productivity. The survey was conducted by Coleman Parkes Research Ltd. in May-June, 2016 and included 1,770 senior business and IT executives from large enterprises, across 21 countries and 10 industry sectors. 

According to the report, Accelerating Velocity and Customer Value with Agile and DevOps, there is an almost 20 percent advantage for companies that used agile methodologies and DevOps together to improve the working atmosphere for their employees - a huge benefit when you consider the shortage of talent in IT and the costs associated with attracting and retaining the best employees.
Additional highlights include:

- In total, 74 percent of respondents who added DevOps to agile implementations reported improvements in employee recruitment and retention versus 57 percent for Agile-only users.

- Users of both methods also reported an increase of up to 45 percent in employee productivity.

- Further, respondents found that adding DevOps practices to an agile working environment:
Improves customer experience by an additional 34 percent; and 78 percent of users who paired Agile and DevOps report an increase in customer satisfaction, versus only 58 percent of agile-only users.

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