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Vent-Up's new app connects clients and personal trainers with GPS

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12/12/2016 3:15:02 PM
Vent-Up's new app connects clients and personal trainers with GPS
Posted Monday, December 12, 2016 by Michael Haynes, Associate Editor

Vent-Ups new app connects clients and personal trainers with GPS
Vent-Up announced their new app for Android and iOS operating systems that help connect ambitious trainers and active potential customers, along with serving other needs in the competitive healthcare sector.

With its featured app, V-Training, coined the "Uber for personal trainers and fitness instructors," prospective fitness clients can choose the perfect trainer for them wherever they may be, either online or, increasingly, in top locations across the U.S. The app is currently expanding rapidly in Vent-Up's home city of Washington, DC, as well as New York, California, Maryland, Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Arizona.

By inputting their location, clients can find personal trainers conveniently in their area. The display offers a complete profile with the trainers' schedule, location on a map, photos and video that showcase the trainer's personality, style and facility. Clients no longer have to struggle with time-wasting research, second-guessing and uncertainty; they simply request a time slot and receive confirmation from the trainer in less than four hours.

From the trainer side, the site is similarly easy to use as they build up client rosters and fill remaining time slots. Trainers can create training and nutrition plans to show off with only a few clicks from their smartphone or by using V-Training's web app. They can also include videos for each exercise, shown as a link. Trainers and clients may opt to interact with photos and dialogue in a built-in messaging system.

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