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12/8/2016 9:01:44 AM
Usermind is expanding its platform to orchestrate partner journeys
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Usermind is expanding its platform to orchestrate partner journeys

Press Announcements

Usermind is expanding its platform to orchestrate partner journeys

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Richard Harris Richard Harris

Seattle-based Usermind, a new enterprise software company that integrates apps and data systems to orchestrate customer journeys, has expanded its flagship product to encompass partner journey orchestration capabilities. Many companies sell their products and services through third-parties and now, and systems critical to the partner experience - such as partner portals, training software or education content - are accessible in the new platform. They have also opened their database to visualization technologies like Tableau, Domo and Looker, among others, via AWS Redshift.

According to a recent CRM Customer Satisfaction Study conducted, 86 percent of IT and business leaders manage six or more apps and systems that impact customer experience, 58 percent have 11 or more, and 33 percent manage 20 or more. From Slack to Mailchimp/Mandrill and Mixpanel, applications typically support a single business unit’s engagement with a customer. More often than not, customer data is siloed in these apps and restricted to individual teams. Developers are tasked with crafting complex custom solutions just to get two systems to communicate with one another.

Partner Journey Orchestration

The customer journey orchestration platform already integrates with Marketo, Salesforce, Zuora and many other sales and customer service platforms.
Now Usermind is expanding its platform to orchestrate partner journeys, bringing enterprise integration with internal and external applications critical to the partner experience such as partner portals, training software and ERPs. Companies can now manage the full partner lifecycle, including automating partner onboarding, expanding existing partners to new product lines, and ensuring customers working through partners have a personalized and seamless experience.
As part of the platform update, they are also integrating data into their platform from a broader set of products and services which impact modern customer and partner journeys. The platform includes data from product development lifecycles so companies can better understand product usage, uncover upsell opportunities and create new revenue streams. Services data, such as quote-to-cash, partner commissions and inventory management, is now accessible in the platform to streamline workflows and improve internal processes that ultimately impact customer experience.

Open Customer Data Platform

In March 2016, Usermind debuted its customer journey orchestration product powered by automatic integration and data store capabilities. Customer journeys continue to touch more SaaS applications inside and outside the enterprise. Companies going to market through partner channels are further removed from direct interaction with their end customers. Driven by market demand, they are now adding partner journey orchestration into its customer journey platform, allowing enterprises to manage and automate the myriad interactions that both partners and customers have with companies and their products and services.

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