The growing gap between the speed of business and the pace of software development

Posted 10/17/2016 12:00:41 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

The growing gap between the speed of business and the pace of software development

The rapid pace of business today is only increasing, which means companies need quick access to effective, flexible and scalable technology in order to succeed. IT organizations are simply struggling to keep up with this growing demand for business applications, which can’t be developed fast enough, updated often enough, or maintained well enough. It’s a complex problem, and unfortunately, it comes at a time when skilled software talent is already in short supply. With short timelines and a lot of requests, developers face no shortage of challenges in delivering what businesses need.

The first being that in trying to create effective and secure software, internal development efforts often take longer than the designated time frame, which doesn’t work for contemporary businesses moving quickly.

The second issue occurs when IT teams work to develop software too quickly; often this results in inadequate, incomplete apps that are prone to bugs and even worse, security vulnerabilities. As a result, developers are forced to choose speed over quality and safety.

TrackVia just released the first in a series of mini reports that highlights a quickly growing gap between the speed of business and the pace of software development.

Some of the interesting findings in the first report:

- 52% of employees admit that they use outside apps to support their work

- 52% of employees want an easier way to work and think a BYOA or BYOD policy would make it easier to do their job

Reasons employees use their own apps and tools for work:

- 41%: the tools their company provides don’t meet their needs

- 33%: their company’s tools are outdated

- 67% of IT managers know that their employees are using outside apps and tools to do their work

"The gap between a company's demand for business applications and an IT organization's ability to promptly deliver, update, and maintain them is widening—and this imbalance will only grow larger over time," said Pete Khanna, CEO at TrackVia. "As a result, successful companies are turning to low-code app platforms, like TrackVia, to rapidly close these software gaps, giving them a significant competitive advantage."


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