9/28/2016 1:18:25 PM
Private Cloud Services From Breakthrough Technology Group Goes Hyper-Converged
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Private Cloud Services From Breakthrough Technology Group Goes Hyper-Converged

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Cloud Services Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Breakthrough Technology Group (BTG) has confirmed the evolution of its Private Cloud Services to hyperconverged architecture. Based on software-defined storage and software-defined data center, BTG Adaptable Cloud Services provide dedicated, segregated infrastructure and single tenancy in a private cloud. Hosted in its BTG's SSAE 16 certified data centers, Adaptable Cloud Services provide the inherent redundancy and flexibility to support mission critical and ‘line-of-business’ applications as well as to meet specific compliance requirements.  
By reducing the costs, labor, maintenance – and complexity – of running “line of business” apps in the cloud, BTG’s adaptable cloud services provide businesses with flexibility, reliability, and efficiency of a public cloud, combined with heightened risk assurance. The combined virtual compute, networking and storage will empower businesses with agility to scale with far greater ease and to run operations more efficiently. Coupled with BTG’s high-touch, white-glove level of service and support, these factors bridge the gap between private and public cloud by bringing the benefits of hyperconverged architecture to enterprises at a lower price point, with the added security benefit of deploying in a private cloud environment.
Setting BTG apart from ‘infrastructure-only’ service providers, is an expansive solutions portfolio layered on top of the hyperconverged infrastructure. Included are AppsAnyplace, a fully managed Hosted Virtual Desktop and application delivery solution; SaaSAnyplace, a suite of Microsoft productivity tools delivered as a service; and DataAnyplace, a secure enterprise-ready collaboration, data management and sharing solution powered by Citrix ShareFile.
Important to note, is that all of the company’s services and solutions are supported by 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring, management and helpdesk, and a veteran team of proven, tenured industry professionals.
For BTG’s cloud and MSP partners, Adaptable Cloud Services will open up many new opportunities for recurring revenue. Increasing regulatory oversight is driving this need and forcing providers of all sizes to rethink which applications they consider to be ‘mission-critical’. In healthcare, where smaller hospitals with limited budgets must comply with the same HIPAA regulations as large multi-site health systems, contact center technology is being deployed to increase patient satisfaction through engagement.
For industries like banking, where financial institutions need performance and reliability to run technology for day-to-day operations, and to support new compute-intensive emerging fintech and mobile payments applications. In each of these scenarios, Adaptable Cloud Services allows the smaller institution to capitalize on innovations that until now, were available only to the most well-heeled.

Read more: http://www.btgroupinc.com/

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