Enghouse Removes ASP Barriers for Multi-Tenant Provisioning

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Posted 9/10/2016 3:00:00 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Enghouse Removes ASP Barriers for Multi-Tenant Provisioning
Enghouse Interactive has announced the immediate availability of the CCSP Provisioning Portal (“Portal”), a new self-service administration tool for provisioning cloud contact center tenants using Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Center Service Provider (CCSP).
Increasing cloud adoption shows the well-documented appetite for businesses of all sizes to consume applications ‘as-a-service’ from the cloud.  CSPs, NSPs, ISPs and BPOs continue to evolve their respective business models to that of application service providers (ASPs) in the goal of becoming a 1-stop partner. Many service providers have shown the stickiness of bundling services to their customers, from data and telco services to applications like Microsoft Office365 and the effectiveness of leveraging their existing relationships.
Service providers have not necessarily had an expedient, viable path to profitably, particularly in meeting small and mid-size enterprise demand for customer experience solutions, like contact center as-a-service (CCaaS)…until now.
Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Center Service Provider Provisioning Portal drastically reduces both the time and cost of new customer onboarding by eliminating repetitive, time-consuming set-up and eases the burden of ongoing contact center configuration and management. The Portal allows service providers to create ‘Tenant Templates,’ from which they can generate fully provisioned contact centers with just a few clicks. Having established a set of default tenant configuration that matches their service packages of contact center features and functionality, each new tenant can be launched in a fraction of the time. The web-based tool can be deployed for prospects to configure their own contact center with little to no service provider intervention.
Abstracting complexity, this process is comprised of only four steps: 1) A new prospect selects a contact center service package based on pre-defined options (tenant template); 2) The automated tenant provisioning process creates the tenant; 3) Services and features are provisioned, aligning template and service package; and 4) The new customer is provided with a URL link to open the self-service administration portal and manage their configuration.
“We are providing the lowest possible TCO to service providers who deliver cloud contact center with CCSP,” says Jacki Tessmer, VP Service Provider & Cloud Strategy, Enghouse Interactive. “The Provisioning Portal both simplifies and expedites the onboarding of new customers, and removes prohibitive costs and other barriers to offering contact center as-a-service to their business customers. Simply put, it delivers a faster time to realizing new revenue and customer productivity.”

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