Matomy Media Creates New mtmy Mobile Advertising Agency

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Posted 7/28/2016 12:03:18 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Matomy Media Creates New mtmy Mobile Advertising Agency
The Matomy Media Group has created a new mobile advertising agency offering a fully-managed service. The new agency is called mtmy and it utilizes Matomy’s Data Management Platform (DMP), offering targeting of global media with cross-channel ad optimization. 

The mtmy services generates data on app-specific user behavior and applies these insights across multiple channels to optimize audience-targeting between channels. This approach identifies high lifetime-value and ‘lookalike’ users with behavioral patterns that are similar to existing customer base. This cross-channel integration of marketing activities also maximizes return on investment for real-time bidding (“RTB”) buys and streamlines the process of working with multiple media partners. 

Through its MobFox division, the company provides access to its mobile inventory using DMP and DSP technology to provide more efficient, accurate targeting and extended reach.

The solution utilizes behavioral profiling, lookalike targeting and predictive marketing to understand the best users according to interests, usage patterns, behavior, and over 100 other parameters, using a smart algorithm that identifies, targets, engages, and reengages lookalike and similar audiences across Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Instagram.

Through its Matomy Data Management Platform, mtmy uses proprietary programmatic technology including the company’s internal DSP and SSP, and other external sources, offering advanced segmentation of users for smarter media buying and customer acquisition across multiple devices and channels.

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