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TIBCO Is Releasing Project Flogo for Zero-Code IoT Data Processing
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TIBCO Is Releasing Project Flogo for Zero-Code IoT Data Processing

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Big Data Friday, May 27, 2016

TIBCO Software has released two new products including Project Flogo, an ultra-lightweight integration software solution, and TIBCO Graph Database, a translytical database for Big Data. 

The TIBCO Graph Database is a translytical database that transforms a complex web of dynamic data traversable relationships to help deliver real-time insight and action. It stores all data as intelligent schema to discover and model relationships as graphs with nodes and edges. TIBCO Graph Database delivers linear performance at scale, with join-free queries that traverse complex relationships as datasets grow. It is now available in beta.

TIBCO is also releasing Project Flogo with permissive open-source licensing. The platform functions as a design bot for IoT edge application development, with a tile-based, zero-code environment for building and deploying integration and data processing directly onto connected devices. 

It's design bot and Web-based UI bring TIBCO’s design environments to the IoT, with prepackaged building blocks for building applications, integration, data processing, and microservices, as well as error handling, including an auto-stepback debugger. Project Flogo offers an average installed footprint that is up to 20 times lighter than Node.js and 50 times lighter than Java.

Read more: http://www.tibco.com/

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