Ciena Adds New DevOps Toolkit for Virtualized Services

Posted 5/28/2016 6:02:03 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Ciena Adds New DevOps Toolkit for Virtualized Services
Ciena has added a new DevOps Toolkit to its Blue Planet network and service orchestration platform that helps companies with the creation and delivery of new on-demand, virtualized services within their SDN and NFV enabled networks.

The DevOps Toolkit features a set of software development tools that can be utilized by network operators’ in-house personnel, and in collaboration with ecosystem partners, to modify new services and add new virtual and physical network resources. 

The platform allows network operators to utilize their own product development, IT and network operations teams to collaborate in the creation and on-boarding of new virtual network functions (VNFs) such as virtual firewalls, physical network domains such as Layer 2 metro networks, and virtual domains such as a third party cloud, and deploy these resources as components of new service offerings. 

Ciena’s Blue Planet DevOps Toolkit consists of a set of software development tools and community resources that allow operators to integrate network resources such as devices, functions, or domains (physical or virtual), as well as customize service templates, with the Blue Planet Network and Service Orchestration software. 

It is complemented with the Blue Planet Developer Community portal that facilitates open source-like collaboration between Blue Planet customers and ecosystem partners, online documentation and training tools, and features “libraries” of available resource adapters and service templates. 

The platform offers the following benefits:

- Gives operators self-service control over networks and services. Operators can, on their own, incorporate new technologies, networking equipment, and VNFs onto the Blue Planet platform.

- Uses in-house personnel, rather than outside professional services, to integrate physical and virtual resources and develop new services.

- Helps network operators successfully migrate away from static, individualized processes to more collaborative DevOps tools and techniques to optimize revenue, cost savings, and customer satisfaction.

- Enables operators to adapt network services to changes in market demands, so they can improve service quality, and address diverse and ever-changing customer requirements.

- Transforms current operations by bringing multiple corporate functions together to collaborate quickly and easily on the delivery of new services with more targeted functionality.

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