5/20/2016 2:01:43 PM
Windows Dev Center Tips Aims to Help With Common Windows Store Publishing Scenarios
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Windows Dev Center Tips Aims to Help With Common Windows Store Publishing Scenarios

Richard Harris Richard Harris in Windows Mobile Friday, May 20, 2016

The Windows developer team's new blog series called Windows Dev Center Tips to help app publishers through several common publishing scenarios associated with the Windows Store.

Among the topics covered in the new series are:

- Publish or update a public app
- Package flighting
- Third party and legacy distribution options
- Publishing hidden apps
- Side-loading and enterprise distribution
- Notes about confidentiality and purchasing

According to the announcement, “At a high level, there are two ways to publish an app: either enable it to be acquired by any customer, or limit which customers can acquire it. Beyond this, the new package flighting feature gives you granular control to target specific app updates to specific customers. When considering different publishing options, think about what scenario you are looking to support, how much you want to limit access to the app, and if you want to enable any customer to acquire the app or limit customer acquisition.”

Read more: https://blogs.windows.com/buildingapps/2016/05/11/...


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