QuickBase Launches New Connector for It's No Code Platform

Posted 5/13/2016 12:01:59 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

QuickBase Launches New Connector for It
QuickBase has announced at its EMPOWER 2016 user conference several app and data integration features that provide new ways of connecting QuickBase with other apps, and automating business tasks and processes across systems without the need to write code. The integrations offer some of the first product updates following the company’s recent divestiture from Intuit.

The company has partnered with Workato, an integration service to provide customized solutions that complement the way line-of-business users actually work. With Workato’s newly released QuickBase connector, customers can automate workflows within QuickBase and between QuickBase and 150 other cloud apps and on-premises systems, such as Marketo, Salesforce, SAP, Slack and Google Sheets. Workato’s secure integration service supports complex business logic, conditional actions and multi-step workflows all available without coding. 

Additional QuickBase integration features include: 

- QuickBase Webhooks: Designed for more technical app builders, QuickBase Webhooks helps streamline workflows by triggering actions in real time across external systems or QuickBase apps when data is changed in QuickBase. QuickBase Webhooks is currently in early access. 

- QuickBase Sync for Email: Gmail and MS Exchange: By connecting QuickBase with users’ Microsoft Exchange or Gmail accounts, Sync for Email automatically pulls email messages into a QuickBase table with no coding required. QuickBase Sync for Gmail is currently in early access. Sync for MS Exchange early access will be available in late 2016. 

- Quickbase Sync for CSV: SFTP: An extension of the Sync for CSV capability announced in January, the new offering will enable customers to connect to and pull CSV files from their SFTP server. This gives larger companies the ability to use their existing infrastructure and be in full control. Again, no coding is required. This capability will be available in late 2016. 

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