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Delphix 5.0 Release Offers Fully Integrated Data Masking

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4/7/2016 12:11:18 PM
Delphix 5.0 Release Offers Fully Integrated Data Masking
Posted Thursday, April 07, 2016 by Stuart Parkerson, Global Sales

Delphix 5.0 Release Offers Fully Integrated Data Masking
Delphix had announced technology enhancements to it data operations platform designed to accelerate and simplify secure application development in the data center and in the cloud. Delphix 5.0 introduces a new data-masking capability, Selective Data Distribution, support for IBM DB2 and expanded support for Oracle E-Business Suite. 

The Delphix platform is offered as Data as a Service providing self-service access to virtualized data across the application lifecycle. By virtualizing and automating data delivery, Delphix provides environment setup, refresh, reset, branching, and sharing, eliminating obstacles to achieving continuous integration and continuous delivery. The platform provides self-service access to high quality test data; fast data refresh, bookmark, rollback via GUI, API, or CLI; and integrated test data.

Updates associated with the Delphix 5.0 release include:

- Selective Data Distribution: Organizations struggle to secure sensitive data in non-production environments, which represent up to 90 percent of the surface area at risk of data breach. With Delphix 5.0, customers can neutralize that risk by masking sensitive data in a production zone, then replicating the masked data directly to all non-production target environments.

- New support for IBM DB2: Delphix now supports IBM DB2 on IBM AIX and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This helps customers deliver, manage and secure virtual data to accelerate projects for business-critical applications running on DB2 databases.

- Expanded support for Oracle E-Business Suite: Delphix 5.0 enables fast deployment of secure E-Business Suite environments with multi-node application tiers, enabling customers to reduce upgrade, patching and customization cycles.


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