Stackspace Releases SaaS Big Data Analytics Platform

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Posted 4/4/2016 1:06:35 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Stackspace Releases SaaS Big Data Analytics Platform
Stackspace has released a public beta of its Software-as-a-Service offering which provides a marketplace of big data tools that users can access to create configurable data pipelines, ingest selected data, and perform analysis.

Stackspace users create their own customized distribution, using any combination of systems, and start using them in minutes. To ensure security, Stackspace uses clients' cloud environments, and never escrows or consumes customer data.

Stackspace utilizes “Spaces” which provide users with the ability to create their own secure software defined cloud within the user’s infrastructure provider. There is no need to download software as Stackspace builds and manages a user’s Space. A Space is defined with route tables, subnets, and firewalls already set up.

Once users have created a Space, they can create a “Stack.” A Stack is the user’s choice of Big Data software tools and analytics. With a few clicks, a user’s choice of Big Data tools can be provisioned, SW installed, and configured and ready for use in minutes. 

The Stackspace platform also offers EasyIngest, an automated way to take data from its source and ingest it into a Stack so it is ready to analyze in minutes. 

To learn more or participate in the public beta, click on the link below.

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