Kony Makes Updates to Visualizer Cross Platform Solution

Posted 3/17/2016 8:06:05 AM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Kony Makes Updates to Visualizer Cross Platform Solution
Kony has released a number of updates to the cloud-based Kony Visualizer application design and development solution offered through Kony’s Mobility Platform. 

Enabling cross-platform mobile app development, the release of Visualizer 7.0 includes updates to simplify and accelerate the mobile app development process, enabling developers to build connected, omni-channel apps for phone, tablet, web, or connected devices. The new release also supports voice input for Apple Watch apps or intelligent control of smart homes using new Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities.

Kony offers two versions of Kony Visualizer: the Starter edition and Enterprise edition. The Starter Edition offers free unlimited usage for mobile app design and prototype creation providing the ability to visually design fully interactive, native mobile apps.

At any time developers can choose to move the app to production using the Kony Visualizer Enterprise edition subscription to deploy and connect the app to back-end services and APIs via Kony’s MobileFabric MBaaS platform.

The updated Kony Visualizer 7.0 solution offers:

- Instant, Native App Prototypes: Import existing Adobe Photoshop designs to jumpstart the mobile app design process.

- Cross-platform Design and Development: Provides a visual design environment across all major device and operating systems.

- Rapid Iterative Development: Provides developers with the ability to rapidly build apps using either low-code visual techniques or drop into full JavaScript development when required through a modern integrated environment for agile multi-channel development.

- Business and IT Collaboration: Publish and share native prototypes and app designs with real-time app previews and annotation support for capturing input from key stakeholders.

- Integrated API Development: Build and reuse Application Program Interfaces (APIs) (through integration with Kony MobileFabric for backend API management and integration) as part of front-end design activities.

- Omni-channel Support: Take advantage of the latest new devices, such as visually building Apple Watch apps, new iOS APIs like WatchKit and HealthKit for connecting to smart devices and wearables, Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform (UWP) support and more.

- Advanced Security at the Core: Provides new automated protection of Kony apps with automatic Source Code Protection (to protect source code and business logic), Code & Control Flow obfuscation, White Box Cryptography and Binary Protection against static and runtime attacks.

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