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Red Hat Ansible Platform Now Brings DevOps to Networking
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Red Hat Ansible Platform Now Brings DevOps to Networking

Richard Harris Richard Harris in DevOps Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Red Hat Ansible IT automation and DevOps platform has added new functionality and now includes native agentless support for automating heterogeneous network infrastructure. The update to Ansible networking capabilities expands the platform’s functionality to orchestrate entire application infrastructures, including network devices, with one automation tool.

This new Ansible functionality provides the following benefits:

- For network teams looking to apply more agile DevOps methodologies to network infrastructures, Ansible can enhance their ability to build and operate heterogeneous network devices, freeing them up to focus on evolving the network to meet the changing business needs instead of manually pushing network configuration.

- For systems and applications teams that wish to include network devices in a holistic approach to application workload management, Ansible’s native network device support enables them to extend their DevOps tools and practices to heterogeneous network devices.

- For executives and senior management concerned about their organization’s ability to automate and orchestrate solutions in an increasingly complex IT environment, Ansible provides a framework that integrates diverse network devices without introducing vertically integrated, vendor specific applications and operational methodologies.

Red Hat's Ansible networking framework provides support for:

- Arista Networks: Arista EOS

- Cisco Systems: Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI); Cisco IOS-XE; Cisco IOS-XR; and Cisco NX-OS

- Cumulus Networks: Cumulus Linux

- OpenSwitch.net: OpenSwitch

- Juniper Networks: Junos OS

Read more: https://www.ansible.com

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