20 Hot Takes on Mobile Engagement From 2015

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Posted 1/14/2016 6:08:05 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

20 Hot Takes on Mobile Engagement From 2015
If you want to know the top 20 data points from 2015 impacting mobile usage, retention and marketing you’re in luck.

Hot off the press is Localytics 2016 App Marketing Guide which provides a comprehensive overview of the mobile trends & takeaways you need to know to help you plan out your 2016 mobile user engagement strategy. 

The data in the report provides insights into mobile user trends, fluctuations in app retention, and the various responses to app marketing strategies, providing a deep dive into app consumers and how they seek to interact with brands. It is a comprehensive guide into the details of how users utilize apps, what the best marketing tactics are, and what the future holds for mobile.

The publication provides a look into major trends year-over-year; provides seven critical data "finds" on app usage, engagement and retention; as well as five critical takeaways you need to consider when planning our your app marketing efforts.

There is also insight into tactical strategies for the most popular time of day for app usage by industry; how likely app users are to churn, and when; and how push and in-app messaging impact long-term retention rates.

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About the author: RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

As the Publisher and Editor for App Developer Magazine, Richard has several industry recognitions and endorsements from tech companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Google for accomplishments in the mobile market. He was part of the early Google AFMA program, and also involved in the foundation of Google TV. He has been developing for mobile since 2003 and serves as CEO of Moonbeam Development, a mobile app company with 200 published titles in various markets throughout the world. Richard is also the founder of LunarAds, a mobile cross-promotion and self-serv mediation network for developers. He has been a featured presenter at trade-shows and conferences, and stays active with new projects relating to mobile development.

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