MBaaS: The Missing Piece in Your Mobile App Strategy

Posted 12/13/2015 9:07:52 AM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

MBaaS: The Missing Piece in Your Mobile App Strategy
There is not an IT team out there that isn’t feeling the pressure to feed their customers, employees, and other stakeholder’s insatiable appetite for mobile solutions. The problem grows daily and developers have to work smarter and faster to meet the increasing demand.

Fortunately, a growing number of services are being introduced within the industry to help alleviate the mobility challenge. One of the most effective is proving to be Mobile Backend-as-a-Service (MBaaS) solutions, which can streamline integration to backend systems, cut mobile app development time by as much as 40-80%, and improve and simplify security. 

One of the major MBaaS players is Kony, whose pre-built, cloud-hosted MBaaS infrastructure provides a turn-key solution for backend integrations via service APIs. It streamlines an app’s essential plumbing, giving developers more time to focus on creating high functioning, mission critical apps.

To help provide clarity on how to utilize MBaaS for mobile app strategies, 451 Research and Kony have produced a special on-demand webinar which discusses how enterprise-grade mobile infrastructure services can allow you to build top performing apps that integrate and support all of your backend systems.

Among the topics covered in the webinar are:

- MBaaS: What it is and what it isn’t 
- MBaaS 2.0: Merging of API Management, MBaaS and other tooling
- Key Capabilities and use cases for MBaaS technology

The webinar is hosted by Chris Marsh, Principle Analyst of Enterprise Mobility for 451 Research and Matt Trevathan, Director of Product Management for Kony. As part of the 451 Research Mobility team, Chris focuses on analyzing the impact of mobile, social and cloud technologies on enterprise and service provider business models. Matt is a specialist for Kony’s Mobile Fabric MBaaS solution, with previous positions in mobile application architecture, design and development.

Registration for the on-demand webinar can be found here.

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