Facebook Releases Beta Facebook SDK for tvOS

Posted 12/4/2015 2:04:20 PM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Facebook Releases Beta Facebook SDK for tvOS
Facebook’s new beta SDK for tvOS provides developers with the opportunity to build social experiences into the new Apple TV. The Facebook SDK for tvOS allows developers to build a number of features into their apps including:

- Facebook Login: A way for people to log into an app and receive personalized experiences. To log into an app with their Facebook account, people can enter a confirmation code displayed on the TV into their smartphone or computer, rather than entering their username and password with the remote.

- Share to Facebook: A simple way for people to share links, photos, videos and other content from an app with their Facebook friends.

- Facebook Analytics for Apps: Helps understand an audience and how people engage with your app.

In the same way that the Apple tvOS SDK inherits iOS frameworks, the Facebook SDK for tvOS inherits from the Facebook SDK for iOS. To learn more, Facebook has created a development guide to help developers integrate the SDK.

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