Google Creates Tech Entrepreneur Nanodegree to Help Indies Learn to Scale

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Posted 11/9/2015 8:02:57 AM by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

Google Creates Tech Entrepreneur Nanodegree to Help Indies Learn to Scale
Google has partnered with Udacity to create a new Tech Entrepreneur Nanodegree which is designed to help indie app publishers learn what it takes to design, validate, prototype, monetize, and market app ideas from the ground up and grow them into a scalable business.

The program takes 4-7 months to complete and offers access to industry app veterans to provide students with a battle-tested perspective. Included will be Geoffrey Moore, author of “Crossing the Chasm”, Pete Koomen, co-founder of Optimizely; Aaron Harris and Kevin Hale, Partners at Y-Combinator; Nir Eyal, author of the book “Hooked: How to build habit forming products” and co-founder of Product Hunt; Steve Chen, Co-Founder of YouTube, rapid prototyping company InVision and plus others.

All of the content that makes up the nanodegree is available online for free at In addition, Udacity provides paid services, including access to coaches, guidance on a project, help staying on track, career counseling, and a certificate when the program is completed.

The Tech Entrepreneur Nanodegree consists of the following courses:

- Product Design: Learn Google’s Design Sprint methodology, Ideation & Validation, UI/UX design and gathering the right metrics.

- Prototyping: Experiment with rapid-low and high-fidelity prototyping on mobile and the web using online tools.

- App Monetization: Learn how to monetize your app and how to set up an effective payment funnel.

- App Marketing: Understand your market, analyze competition, position your product, prepare for launch, acquire customers and learn growth hacks.

- How to get a startup started: Find out whether you really need venture capital funding, evaluate build vs. buy, and learn simple ways to monitor and maintain your startup business effectively.

The top graduates will also be invited to a pitch event where they will have the opportunity to pitch their final product to venture capitalists at Google.

The cost is $200.00 /month after 1 week free trial. Participants work on their own schedule and if they finish in less than 12 months, they will receive a 50% tuition reimbursement. 
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About the author: RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

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