Microsoft Streamlines Windows Developer Ad Options

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Posted 10/14/2015 1:08:51 PM by STUART PARKERSON, Publisher Emeritus

Microsoft Streamlines Windows Developer Ad Options
The Windows Dev Center team has announced that it finished integrating the functionality previously available in the Windows pubCenter in order to simplify the process that developers use to create, manage and track Microsoft advertising ad impressions and revenue across Windows phone, tablet and PC. 

In addition, Microsoft Advertising and Windows ad mediation have been merged into one single SDK, the Microsoft Universal Ad Client SDK, which works for apps built for Windows Phone 8.x, Windows 8.x and Windows 10.

These changes make the Dev Center the single portal for all Windows advertising management as well as app management needs. Developers can now use the Dev Center to:

- Promote an app using Microsoft Advertising
- Monetize an app using the Microsoft ad control and using ad mediation
- Update an app to use the latest version of the Microsoft Universal Ad Client SDK
- Create ad units
- Add video Interstitial ads
- Add ad mediation
- Make changes needed for existing apps
- Add Microsoft ads to apps using non-managed code (e.g. C++)
- Use ads in Windows 8.0 and Windows Phone 8.0 apps
- Selecting an ad size for apps
- View ad impressions and ad revenue reporting
- Configure the ad targeting to support COPPA requirements

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