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WoodWing Inception HTML5 Authoring Tool Released Out of Beta

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Posted Friday, September 25, 2015 by RICHARD HARRIS, Executive Editor

WoodWing Inception HTML5 Authoring Tool Released Out of Beta
WoodWing is releasing its new Inception HTML5 authoring tool out of beta. The cross platform, cloud based authoring tool provides the ability to create and release responsive - device-independent HTML5 content for any channel, including the Adobe Digital Publishing Solution 2015, Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News, as well as WebCMS and print.

WoodWing Inception provides the ability to create HTML5 content based on customizable templates in an article-based approach Inception is one of the services provided through WoodWing’s recently announced Content Cloud, a central hub for content management and creation. 

With Inception, users can transform print elements created in InDesign into HTML-based responsive designs – also within a workflow based on WoodWing´s multichannel publishing system.

WoodWing´s Digital Services Division is available to help users transform InDesign layouts into Inception templates; develop HTML and CSS templates; create responsive designs; and develop scripts to automatically push content from CMS systems to Inception and Adobe Digital Publishing Solution 2015.

Annual subscriptions start at $97 a month, which includes unlimited storage and bandwidth.


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